Bourbon on 2nd: Lunch Specials, March 28 – April 8

Lunch Specials, March 28 to April 8


Monday, March 28
Chicken Champagne – Grilled boneless breast topped with shrimp, mushrooms and creamy Champagn sauce

Tuesday, March 29
Grilled Flank Steak – Topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and Bordelaise sauce served with sour cream and chive mashed potatoes

Wednesday, March 30
Shrimp and Tasso – Tender gulf shrimp sauteed with spicy smoked pork and creamy sauce on fettuccini

Thursday, March 31
Chicken Choron – Boneless breast topped with grilled shrimp, roma tomatoes and Bearnaise sauce

Friday, April 1
Dolphin Anglins Pier – Fresh dolphin filet topped with shrimp, blue crabmeat and creamy caper sauce served on rice

Monday, April 4
Chicken Marsala – Boneless breast sauteed with mushroom Marsala wine sauce served with fettuccini Alfredo

Tuesday, April 5
Steak Habanero – Grilled flank steak sliced and topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms, peppers and Habanero Hallandaise

Wednesday, April 6
Shrimp Remana – Tender gulf shrimp sauteed in roasted garlic and sun-dried tomato cream sauce served on fettuccini

Shrimp Romana at Bourbon on 2nd

Thursday, April 7
Chicken Antoinette – Grilled boneless breast topped with shrimp, artichoke bottoms and creole mustard Hollandaise served on rice

Friday, April 8
Dolphin Anglins Pier – Fresh dolphin filet topped with shrimp, blue crabmeat and creamy caper sauce served on rice


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Bourbon on 2nd Cajun Lunch Specials for March

Lunch Specials for March

Monday February 28
Chicken Monica – Boneless breast sauted with crawfish and tasso cream sauce

Tuesday March 1
Beef Etouffet – Beef, pan seared and simmered in Cajun sauce

Wednesday March 2
Shrimp Casino Style – With bacon, sweet red peppers and white clam sauce

Thursday March 3
Chicken St Charles – Boneless breast topped with crabmeat, mushrooms and tasso cream sauce

Friday March 4
Firecracker Shrimp – Served with lemon garlic, red and black peppercorn sauce

Monday March 7
Chicken Piccata – Sauteed with white wine, lemon butter and capers

Tuesday March 8
Beef Tips and Bow Ties – Sauteed with mushrooms and creamy green and black peppercorn sauce

Wednesday March 9
Shrimp and Andouille – Sauteed with spicy smoked sausage and creamy sauce

Thursday March 10
Chicken Kelley – Topped with grilled shrimp, roasted red peppers and Bearnaise sauce

Friday March 11
Dolphin Mathers Bridge – Topped with shrimp, blue crabmeat and tarragon cream sauce

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Who is doing Mardi Gras right? Bourbon on 2nd, roll with us!

Hurricane and other drink Specials!

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AFTER PARTY at Bourbon on 2nd: Riverwalk Blues and Music Festival

Bourbon on 2nd is the OFFICIAL, totally cool, too exciting AFTER PARTY venue for the Riverwalk Blues and Music Festival!

When? February 12 and 13
Time? well, let’s say … 10pm

Anything else? yep! Fan the Riverwalk Blues and Music Festival on Facebook, and then come find all the action at Bourbon on 2nd!

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New Orleans has a new home & it’s Bourbon on 2nd

Piano Bob opened regular weekend music at Bourbon on 2nd, and everyone had a rolling good time! There were oysters and jambalaya demolished, dances danced and lots of good friends in the house!

Enjoy more photos here.

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Bourbon on 2nd is getting it’s MOJO going: Creole Cajun is back in Fort Lauderdale!

What are the ingredients for a great Creole Cajun experience?

First, Creole-Cajun is a melding of two styles of cooking. “Creole” is most often used to refer to city – or formal – cuisine. Cajun is comfort food, the hearty fare of peasants and common folk.

Creole-Cajun celebrates the best of both worlds in a food tradition that has become synonymous with New Orleans.

Rooted in French culinary traditions, Creole cooking incorporates influences from Spain, Italy, Germany and Africa – and then on to the West Indies, generally following the routes of trade from the 1600s onward.

One thing that Creole-Cajun cooking is NOT, is spicy. Instead, Creole and Cajun flavors are complex meldings of garlic, onions, bell peppers, celery and parsely. It just SOUNDS like it smells good.

Come on down while we get our mojo working. Creole Cajun is on the Fort Lauderdale culinary agenda!

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Bonne Anne Cher! New Year’s Eve 2011 Fort Lauderdale!

The New Year’s Eve 2011 festivities on 2nd Street in Himmarshee Village are right outside our door …

so grab a friend or two or more, come to downtown Fort Lauderdale and find a place at BOURBON ON 2ND to enjoy a drink and watch the festivities! There will be live music, happening crowds and a vibrant New Orleans atmosphere at “our” end of the street.

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